​​​​Where east meets west massage therapy

Why receive massage therapy?


Bodywork can be a deep healing on many levels.  While working to relieve pain, it can also be a process of going deep -- a meditation, a place of quieting the mind--of being in what I call "The Universe Within."  

With a bachelor's degree in the sciences and extensive training, I have been practicing the art and science of massage since 1993.  Using multiple modalities--deep tissue, trigger point, sports, myofascial release, Swedish and subtle energy work-- together we find the most effective path for your healing, from injury, chronic pain or everyday stress.  My work combines academic knowledge with skilled intuition.

There are infinite reasons to experience massage therapy.  It can be healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.   

Receiving regular massage helps you tune into your own body, learn your vulnerable areas, the places holding stress. 

You'll begin to understand that sometimes your body aches more than you realized and you'll learn to listen to it better.

You'll give yourself the opportunity to rest, breathe and relax...and learn tools to help you in-between sessions.
Ultimately, we'll work together to learn your body, your needs and the steps to restore, promote and  maintain health.

My training and experience are extensive; know that you are in good hands.

-- Bachelor's degree in Biology and Social Sciences

​-- Massage therapy and Health Educator certificate

​-- 850+ hours massage therapy training

​-- Patient Navigator Certificate, Sonoma State University

-- Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)

-- Gerontology certificate

-- AMTA Professional Member

-- Chronic Disease self-management program leader training

-- Hospice Caregiver training

I am no longer based in Santa Rosa, CA. 

Coming sometime in 2022,

I will be starting a practice in Shreveport, LA.  

Thank you for all the years of healing and connection. 

There are myriad massage practitioners, but I have 27 years of experience, a strong academic background combined with skilled hands and intuition.  I've worked with multiple sports/racing athletes, elders, youth, traumas, disease and the dying process...and in addition to my practice, at health clubs, a chronic pain clinic and sporting events.


CA CMT #6811​  Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Senior Advisor, (CSA)​
Health and Elder Advocate