Massage Therapy and Health Advocacy in Sonoma County   
  Eleanor Guerin, CMT CA #6811

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Wonderful and centrally- located at 625 CHERRY ST.

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**I offer ways for you to be more fully in your body, your health, your life.**

I have practiced the art and science of massage/bodywork since 1993.   I work in partnership with you, drawing from many modalities--such as deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish and subtle energy styles--to find the most effective path for your healing, whether from injury, chronic pain or disease or everyday stress.

For some, receiving bodywork is a process of going within, a meditation, a place of quieting the mind and being in what I call "The Universe Within."  I set the intention that a type of dance will occur between myself and a client--the ebb and flow of being in your body and all its knowledge.

As a navigator and health advocate, I am able to blend my training and experience to support you in finding holistic solutions to your health needs.

Be assured you're in good hands...

  • Bachelor's degree in Biology/Social Sciences
  • Massage Therapy and Health Educator certificate
  • 850 hours massage therapy training
  • Patient Navigator certificate
  • Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) ®
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Program--Leader curriculum training 
  • Hospice Caregiver training
  • Education grounded in spiritual awareness and years of deep meditation.  

“Eleanor has a true gift for healing. She gets right to the heart of the problem and I always leave her sessions feeling as if there is nothing better I could do for myself. I recommend her to all my friends.” Michelle R.

Massage therapy is a pro-active way to help achieve or maintain your health.  It does more than JUST "feel good"--it is preventative care. 

An analogy I've always used is that of car maintenance.  We know our cars need regular oil changes and tune-ups to keep running well.  Many of the machines in our lives need maintenance.  But the human body is the most complex and wonderful of machines and we are adept at pushing it to its limits. Yet, we forego our own maintenance, sometimes by considering it a luxury or pampering, sometimes by taking care of everyone and everything else...and sooner or later, we become run down, injured or ill and need medical care. 

What if we were giving our bodies the tune-ups we needed, regularly?  What if we learned to listen to the cues that tell us when to rest or relax, eat well, drink proper fluids,
stretch and take care of injuries before needing stronger intervention? 

Receiving regular massage helps you tune into your own body, learning your vulnerable areas, the places holding the most stress.  You'll begin to understand that sometimes your body aches more than you realized and you'll stop ignoring its signals.  You'll give yourself the opportunity to rest, have a mini-break, breathe and relax...and in the process, also learn tools to help you in-between sessions.

Ultimately, we will work together in learning your body, your needs and the steps to take to restore, promote and maintain health. 

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