​​​​​​Therapeutic massage and Bodywork 

With a range of modalities, strong academic background​ and skilled intuition, I can move from geriatric massage to sports and injury rehab, to total relaxation.

​​​​Where east meets west massage therapy


Q:  What types of massage do you do?
A:  I have trained in a wide variety of modalities, including:

Deep tissue                           Cranial-sacral (not certified)                                          
Sports massage                     Injury rehabilitation
Trigger Point                         Pregnancy massage
Geriatric massage                  Swedish            
Reflexology                           Positional releases and unwinding

Myofascial Release                 Chair massage

I also work on spiritual, shamanic, energy and chakra levels.  Through the continuum of my practice, I have learned how spirit and soul are intertwined with our bodies.  I have studied shamanism, chakras and the energy body, clear-seeing and healing on deep spiritual levels.

I combine my massage training with spiritual intuition, allowing me to individually tailor each and every session.  


Q:  How often should I receive massage?
A:  People vary on their intervals.  Some have a session every week, especially if they have an acute problem they are trying to address, or come for maintaining their health and vitality.  In times of high stress, it is good to remember to take care of yourself this way.

Others come every two weeks, every three weeks or once a month.  I and my clients have learned over the years that, if you're trying to INCREASE your level of functioning, once a month may not be enough.  

Think of it as peeling the layers away from an onion.  If you have a muscular issue that's been nagging you for months or even years, the cumulative effects of massage therapy don't get a chance to take hold if sessions are weeks apart.  I always tell folks, if you really want to work on a particular problem, I'd rather see someone once or even twice a week for a short span of time, rather than the same number of times spread out over months.  You won't see the same positive effect the latter way.

Our bodies have muscle and emotional memory.  We learn to hold ourselves in particular patterns.  Regular massage helps re-educate our brains AND our bodies to establish healthy patterns.