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Health and elder advocate

Patient Advocates are an emerging field in health care, as the Health Care Reform Act works to create a paradigm shift to foster prevention and healthy living. 

I am trained in: 
--motivational interviewing and behavior modification 
--cultural sensitivity
-- specialties in senior care and elder issues 
--chronic disease issues and prevention

As a navigator and health advocate, I am able to blend my training and experience to support you in finding holistic solutions to your health needs. Through extensive intake and discussion, I support you on your path to health/healing.

We will:
--Identify your goals.
--Identify barriers to achieving those goals
--Identify resources you currently utilize 

 I can direct you to appropriate resources, including community-based services, emotional and/or spiritual support and other complementary/alternative therapies.  I will work with you if you need research to understand your diagnosis or for symptom self-management.  I can help you better communicate with your care team to achieve true patient-centered care.  

Together, we create a step-by-step plan to get you where you want to be.

In becoming a Certified Senior Advisor, I completed the extensive course entitled "Working with Older Adults."  This course gives professionals a practical, comprehensive understanding of health, social and financial issues that are important to many older adults, including ethical issues specific to aging. 

Written by experts, Working with Older Adults is based on key competencies for serving older adults identified by numerous professionals in a variety of areas through a comprehensive job task analysis. 

The course offers evidence-supported knowledge with many real-world examples, tips, tools and resources. As a result, professionals are uniquely prepared to help older adults navigate the new, complex and changing needs of their later years. 

Thus, I combine my decades of listening to clients with the training of health navigation with a special focus on elders.

Certifications in Patient and Health Advocacy,

Elder Advocacy as a Certified Senior Advisor